New Limited Edition Professional

Winsor & Newton are proud to introduce limited new exceptional and unique colours to the Professional Water Colour range that encapsulate the dramatic and intense colour palette of the deserts of the world.

With their rich, exuberant and earthy hues, the new Professional Water Colours have been inspired by the vibrant landscapes of the desert, from the blazing yellow sand dunes of the Sahara to the deep red and brown landscapes of the Australian outback and American southwest.

To arrive at this unique selection of colours that are completely new to water colour, Winsor & Newton have combed the world for the latest pigment innovations, whilst working hand in hand with artists to determine our final choice. 

The resulting colours are vibrant, rich and exquisite as well as being extremely lightfast, brilliant and unrivalled in their performance, as is expected from the Professional Water Colour range. Dramatic and beautiful in their own right, the new colours serve as exciting additions to any existing water colour palette. Yet together, they work magnificently to embody the rich and evocative colours, so typical of desert landscapes.

The new Professional Water Colours are: Indian Red Deep, Yellow Titanate, Gold Brown and Dark Brown. Available for a limited period only.

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