NEEF Empty Watercolour Metal Box 16 Wells

Model: 148306
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by Glenn I.

This palette is made of steel and enamelled in white. The wells are quite large, larger than full size pans and would hold a huge amount of paint, good for someone who works with large brushes, the wells are an insert and can be removed. It is quite heavy as the sheet metal its made from is quite substantial, not like the other common half pan palettes. It has a thumb ring but it is too small for most fingers. The folded edges of the mixing areas are butt joints and are not sealed or welded so there is a gap at each corner that will allow washes to leak out, they also are undivided, so there is nowhere to mix individual washes without them flowing together. It also has no catch mechanism to hold it closed other than friction. It is solidly made, but lacks refinement. It is definitely usable but would probably work best in a studio.

by James W.

Great palette! Holds lots of paint and the mixing wings are more than big enough. Being made from metal makes it reasonably heavy but also very sturdy.

by Bevan M.

I am intending to go to Norfolk Island with an 'en plein air' painting group later in the year and in view of traveling light this paint tray will be ideal. I have also designed & fabricated a traveling mono pole easel to fit in with the requirements to be portable and yet effective. Kindest regards B D Marshall.

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