Alvaro Watercolour Masterclass

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Alvaro Castagnet’s Watercolour Masterclass ??? New Book Available Now !!

Watercolour Master Class


“I promise the new understanding you get from this book will help you take your art to a higher level full of mood and atmosphere and, even more importantly, will help you convey a personal message with every painting you make.”????? Alvaro

What you will learn!

  • Each of the 4 Pillars Explained in Detail
  • Watch Alvaro at work from Start to Finish- Inspiration to Masterpiece
  • Learn to Paint “A Watercolour” Not “With Watercolour”
  • Watercolour techniques ??? Essential guidelines on key Topics
  • How Each Brushstroke Conveys a Message
  • 8 Major Step-by-step Demonstrations ??? Detailed Staged Paintings of Varied Subjects
  • Multiples Examples of the 4 Pillars
  • Helpful learning Points in Every Chapter
  • Design Principles You Should Know.
  • How to mix colours on the paper.
  • Understand how pigments and water merge and combine.
  • Create different effects.
  • How colour makes the magic happen!


by WEI Y.

The book is fantastic, but don’t know why the price is much higher than the original.

by Donna C.

Fantastic inspirational watercolor book. This book is one of the best books in print and I am so appreciative to have it in my library. I highly recommend Alvaro's book to all aspiring artists who want to take their art to the next level. Beautiful color photos of his art, the basic fundamentals of what you need for good art is explained, and it includes several step by step painting instructions. This book is an investment in more ways then one.

by Nicole S.

It was delivered very quickly despite my delivery location was all the way in Europe. It even came with a Daniel Smith watercolour test sheet. Item was packed really well. Book is in English despite the English version is out of print from other locations. Great find at a reasonable price.

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