David Bellamys Winter Landscapes in Watercolour

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The winter landscape presents a particularly beautiful time for painting, when the lack of leaves reveals the graceful lines of bare trees, the fascinating textures and colours on their trunks, and low, directional sunlight throws shadows across our subjects and seems to bring them to life. Gone are those all-enveloping greens, to be replaced by a greater variety of colours, often warmer and more exciting. Those wine-red branches of birch trees, for example, when seen in a mass exude a powerful beauty of their own.

This is David Bellamys favourite time for being out sketching, often in watercolour. In this book he explains the challenges and joys of capturing winter subjects, from how to achieve rapid pencil sketches in less than perfect conditions to painting in watercolour on the spot. Snow completely changes the landscape, simplifying it for the artist, creating marvellous opportunities for reflected light and subtle use of exciting colours. The book begins with the stunning warm colours of late autumn, then moves into the second section covering winter scenes without snow. The following deep mid-winter section shows you how to tackle snow scenes with various types of snow conditions, before we move on to the final section covering early spring. 

Also covered is gearing up for working outdoors in winter, techniques for rendering hoar frost on trees, misty and atmospheric effects, injecting rogue colours to add excitement to your work, how to tackle a variety of tree branches for different species, depicting light branches against dark backgrounds, altering the composition to suit your needs, and so much more. For those who really dont wish to venture out, even on the mildest of winter days, there is a whole host of examples of winter landscapes to help you tackle this fascinating time of year.

A DVD entitled Winter Landscapes in Watercolour has been produced as a companion to this book, and is available from David's website www.davidbellamy.co.uk or from APV Fiilms at www.apvfilms.com

* Well-known, expert watercolour tutor and popular author
* Stunning paintings and in-depth advice.
* Four beautiful step-by-step projects
* Covers late fall, winter, deep midwinter and early spring

Table of Contents

Introduction 6
Materials 8
Basic brush techniques 12
Working outdoors in winter 14
Late autumn scenes 18
late autumn waterfall 26
The landscape in winter 32
winter mountains 44
Deep mid-winter 50
farm in snow 66
Early spring 72
march sunlight 74
Index 80

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