Escoda Brush Set Leather Wallet with 6 Kolinsky Sable

Model: 130826
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Considered the elite hair for watercolor, Escoda selects only the best Kolinsky male sable hair for this brush. This hair comes from the Tajmyr region in very northern Siberia.


Points perfectly and has an extraordinary capacity to retain liquids. Ideal for the serious traveler.


Hand crafted in Spain, this set includes a Genuine leather case for easy travel and added protection. Brush sizes include #2, 4, 6, 8, 10, 12

by andrew rogers

Beautiful set of brushes, lovely spring and paint holding ability, keep a lovely point and look very beautiful. I use them when I am traveling and in the studio to back up my series 7 range the leather wallet and the wood and brass construction are highest quality, although a bit expensive when compared with the original price in Barcelona Senior had them in stock and shipped to me in just two days. Andrew Rogers

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