Alvaro Castagnet Signature Collection

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"I am known for giving my brushes strong punishment. My new line of Escoda Prado synthetics will face the challenge like no other"

Uruguayan artist of world renown that has been honored in numerous art competitions He is a successful author who travels the world attending exhibitions, hosting workshops and participating as a member of the jury for international art events.

This set includes sizes 8,10 and 12

by Yvonne Ferguson

brushes are very suitable, they have spring and good point.

by Heather Woodham

These brushes are excellent and are of the best quality, and the long handles are excellent to paint watercolour with gives the freedom to perform loose paintings , I have not painted with such freedom before love using them. Thank you for the prom service and the excellent quality of your art supplies, Thank you Heather Woodham

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