Art Spectrum Pastels


Australian Made Soft Pastels


Art Spectrum Soft Pastels are handmade using maximum pigment concentration, minimum binding agent, and are triple milled to bring out the utmost brilliance of every colour. With only the finest quality lightfast and non-toxic pigments used, you can be sure that Art Spectrum Soft Pastels will always maintain their strength of colour.


Art Spectrum Soft Pastels feel slightly firm, yet function as a very soft pastel, enabling them to be used in all stages of a pastel painting. Discerning pastellists prize Art Spectrum Soft Pastels for their purity, versatility and many unique colours – from subtle and delicate tints to brilliant and intense pure colours through to smouldering darks. Art Spectrum Soft Pastels are at their best on Colourfix paper but work well on all other pastel papers and boards.


Made in Australia.