Lefranc Bourgeois Flashe Acrylic

FLASHE was the first alternative to traditional art materials: a vinyl paint that offered new perspectives of artistic expression that were not possible with oil paints. Made in France and launched in 1954, FLASHE has revolutionised the world of painting.

FLASHE is a pioneering vinyl-based paint that is characterised by its matt properties and its intense covering power on a wide variety of supports. It enables the artist to paint on any painting surface, with a strong paint film that maintains the power of the colours. Because FLASHE is made with a different resin than acrylic paints, it produces different results. It is much more than a matt acrylic paint – it unleashes the intensity of the pigments and the luminosity of the colours with a matt finish. 

Painters can create and express their art without any limits in terms of colour, space or time, and are able to rediscover the joy of painting and the spontaneity of movement.


FLASHE can be applied with any type of brush without being diluted. A semi-responsive brush is recommended. It can also be applied with a sponge brush, a flexible spatula or, for effects, with a paint-spray gun, or even with an airbrush, diluting as desired. 


Pure or diluted with water, FLASHE makes it possible to create vibrant backgrounds. 


Dilute with between 1/3 and 2/3 water as desired, to create washes and patinas. FLASHE, a unique paint in its genre.


Matt varnish can be applied over FLASHE paints, to maintain the vibrancy of the colour without altering the shade. Gloss varnish will make shades a tone deeper and more vivid. Recommended for all outside applications. 


Use water for wet paint and warm water with alcohol for dried paint.

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