Liquitex Acrylic


There’s no more versatile paint system in the world. Back in 1955, Liquitex was the world's first commercially available water-based acrylic made for artists. News of its huge scope, ease of use and reliable performance quickly spread and now acrylic is the globe's most popular art medium.

Innovation is at the heart of the Liquitex paint company and they're always looking to bring you new ways to work with acrylics. Imagine how easy it would be to make two fluid paints that work together. But then imagine the complexities of ensuring that an ink and a spray paint work together. Each of their ranges delivers 100% intermixability across formulation chemistry – from the ultra-fluidity of Acrylic Ink to Spray Paint, Acrylic Marker, effects mediums, and acrylic paints.

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Vegan except colours containing pigment PBk9: Ivory Black, Paynes Grey, Neutral Grey V5.