Atelier Mediums

Atelier Traditional and Interactive Mediums


The older Atelier mediums are familiar to Atelier Interactive users, and most of them are traditional in behaviour and convert the paint mixed with them into a traditional paint which does not respond to Unlocking Formula, but there are also some older Interactive Mediums.


The new Atelier Interactive Mediums - introduced in late 2018 - are the result of years of work.


  • They all have a double function: use with Unlocking Formula for prolonged blending, and use without Unlocking Formula for standard use.
  • The mediums are created in a viscosity ladder making it easy for artists to match up the medium to the work that they are doing.
  • They all dry to a satin finish which matches the heavy bodied paints Atelier Interactive and Atelier A2.


Atelier Mediums Info Sheet