Daniel Smith Artist Oil Colours


Daniel Smith Oil Paints are highly pigmented, balanced with maximum pigment load with minimum oil (the vehicle) to give the best possible color strength. You can see this when painting as it takes a lot of white paint to lighten the tube color. This strong tinting gives artists good value because they are not paying for fillers and extenders that lesser quality oil paints have.


The vehicle DANIEL SMITH uses for mixing the Original Oils is a high grade of alkali-refined linseed oil, except Mixed White, Titanium White and Zinc White which are mixed with non-yellowing safflower oil. This alkali-refined linseed oil is uniformly light in color, low yellowing, with low acid value and good adhesion. There is a small proportion of additives, less the 1% by weight, to improve brushability, modify drying time and improve the grind.

Vegan except for colours containing pigment PBk9 Ivory Black