R&F Pigment Sticks Artist Oil


Oil paint in stick form represents a revolutionary development in oil painting. It means that the paint can be applied directly to a surface without the distancing factor of the Brush. This makes it possible to dispense not only with the brush, but with knives, palettes, and solvents, thereby making oil sticks more immediate and portable than standard oil painting materials. RandF formulated their Pigment Sticks to be equal in quality the finest oil paints. They are richly pigmented, with a lipstick soft consistency that gives them the same fluidity, subtlety, and durability of traditional oil colors.


Bill Creevy in The Oil Painting Book (Watson-Guptill, 1994) summed up what many artists have been saying about them:

"Of all the brands of oil sticks currently on the market, none can compare in quality and beauty to R&F Pigment Sticks... Pigment Sticks are an oil painter’s dream come true: slow drying, juicy, fully pigmented pure colors that are creamy in application, soft enough to apply to stretched canvas - a real delight to paint with."


But Pigment Sticks are much more than just a substitute for tube oils. There are many Other uses for Pigment Sticks that go beyond traditional oil paints. Customers are using them for mono-types, drawing marathons, coloring three dimensional work and other applications that are yet to be discovered.



Pigment Sticks are currently made in 2 sizes and 88 colors.

Small size is ¾" diameter by 5" length = 38 ml. 

Large size is 1½" diameter by 6½" length = 188 ml.

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