Mabef Italian Easels

Italian Made Easels

Albino Bruno Mariotto was a skilled cabinet-maker and restorer as well as a keen painter. Together with his wife, Rita, he decided to set up a craft shop producing easels for painters in Ispra, a small town on Lake Maggiore.  Within a few years the production of artists’ easels became so successful that he needed to move to the nearby town of Gallarate, where he set up a small workshop of 250 sq.m. In 1975 the company took on the name M.A.B.E.F., using the initials of its founder: Mariotto Albino Bruno & Sons (Figli in Italian) and the brand name began to be known internationally.

Luciano designed and produced an easel in kit form that was easy to transport, assemble and use. This “invention” further enhanced the success of M.A.B.E.F. easels.

M.A.B.E.F. pays great attention to environmental issues. 100% of the wood waste from production is recycled and transformed into pellets, an ecological fuel used in heating the factory and offices.  M.A.B.E.F. obtained the FSC® certification thanks to the environmentally friendly choice of the raw material used in the manufacture of M.A.B.E.F. easels. The wood used is top quality solid beech, coming from certified forest areas where immediate replanting is guaranteed.

M.A.B.E.F.’s success is worldwide, thanks above all to the constant commitment to sourcing all materials and accessories produced exclusively in Italy or in Europe, so as to guarantee the quality and reliability of a product that is 100% “Made in Italy”. In addition to the “Conventional Warranty” for 24 months, M.A.B.E.F. extends the same terms and conditions for the entire life of the product if registered online. If, in the unlikely event, a problem arises that is not covered under the M.a.b.e.f. lifetime warranty or you are not satisfied with our product, M.A.B.E.F. guarantees the total assistance on their website.