Neef Leather Brush Wallet Brown

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Soft 100% leather brush wrap perfect for watercolour brushes and a small palette box such as the Daniel Smith sets or Fome metal palettes. Available in 4 colours: Charcoal, Black, Green or Brown leather. (Wrap excludes brushes and palette).

by Tony H.

Not “real” leather. Not supple, not going to age just continue looking and feeling plasticy. If it lasts. Not what I imagined when ordering . Probably find a use but certainly not something I would feel happy using when out. Sorry but have worked hard to afford good art materials and equipment, this is not.

by Erin V.

Beautiful item, great price. Perfect to carry brushes and assorted items for painting on the go. Will last a lifetime. Very happy customer.

by Troy R.

Really nice case. Made up a great part of a birthday present (along with the kolinsky brushes). Nice quality leather and tie.

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