Mayan Dark Blue DS Awc 15ml

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Mayan Dark Blue is darker and warmer than Mayan Blue Genuine. Mix it with Mayan Orange to make a fantastic array of subtle grays and violets for colorful, complex shadows.

Rich, bold colors adorned the murals and sculpture of the Mayan people. Even when exposed to centuries of severe heat and humidity, these colors have hardly faded over a thousand years. Now, using methods derived from ancient Mayan chemistry, these unique, metal-free pigments have been recreated using an eco-friendly process. The colors are smooth, non-granulating and semi-transparent. Their versatility, durability and exquisite hues make them colors you’ll reach for again and again.

  • ASTM Lightfastness Rating:??Very Good
  • Transparency:??Semi-Transparent
  • Granulating:??No
  • Staining:??Low

by Wendy Sweeney

A nice blue shade, will be useful addition for my flower paintings.

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