Purpurite Genuine DS Awc 15ml

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Officially discovered in 1905 and named for the Latin word purpura, meaning purple, Purpurite Genuine is an intensely lavender violet that paints smoothly and easily but also granulates subtly. It is semi-transparent with low staining levels, so it offers great versatile in use and technique. Purpurite Genuine is a mineral with a naturally occurring, low lustre, silky sub-metallic sheen. This unique characteristic allows your painting to take on additional dimension as the light interacts with your washes and glazes. Enjoy adding this natural mineral pigment to your palette. You'll love the richness of this unique and rare purple colour!

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent

Transparency: Semi-Transparent



(PW6 PV15 PB29)


by Patricia T.

Another new delicious Primatek colour added to my Daniel Smith collection.... the granulating qualities of these paints are so exciting to use , especially for landscape painting.

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