Payne's Blue Gray DS Awc 15ml

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DANIEL SMITH Payne’s Blue Grey is similar to our bluer Indigo, but like our original Payne’s Grey, it is semi-transparent rather than transparent. Inky blue and non-granulating Payne’s Blue Grey is perfect for painting dark, stormy skies, night scapes, and for quickly darkening most other colours

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent

Transparency: Semi-Transparent


Staining: Low

(PB60 PBk6)


by Cristina L.

Payne's Grey is such a useful colour to have, not only it's a beautiful shade on it's own but it's a great mixing colour. I really like it when mixing greens and for shadows. I have another tube of Payne's grey in Cotman which is more grey, The Daniel Smith has a blueish, grey tone.

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