Quinacridone Gold DANIEL SMITH Awc 15ML

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Everyone’s favourite, Quinacridone Gold replaces Raw Sienna and adds versatility with its glazing and mixing capabilities. It is an excellent low-staining golden yellow pigment that can enhance any mixture. Highly durable and extremely transparent, all the DANIEL SMITH Quinacridone colours excel in vivid clarity and intensity.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent

Transparency: Transparent


Staining: Low

(PO48 PY150)


by Robyn C.

This is another of my favourite colours and again excellent quality from Daniel Smith. There are so many instances where this colour can be used (often where you least suspect!) It ranges from a lighter colour gold to almost a brown which is great, practice will give you the variations of colour. I use this a lot and I will continue to purchase this one!

by Sherry W.

Daniel Smith quinacridone gold is one of my all time favourite watercolours. It has a huge range of colour by itself and is exquisite when mixed with many others. It behaves beautifully also, like liquid gold.

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