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Daniel Smith Artists Materials

DANIEL SMITH is so excited to have been collaborating with Master Colourist Jane Blundell on the creation of Jane's Grey Watercolour!

Last year DANIEL SMITH began working with Jane on manufacturing Jane's Grey. First as a Half Pan in the Ultimate Mixing Hand Poured Watercolour Set based on her Ultimate Mixing Palette of DANIEL SMITH Watercolours and now, as part of the New Signature Series of Watercolours, 
in a 15 ml tube!

Jane has been hand mixing her Jane's Grey for years from her favourite mix of DANIEL SMITH's Ultramarine Blue and Burnt Sienna watercolours.  She had been sharing both paint, as well as "why "and "how" she mixes Jane's Grey on her well known blog.  For the debut of the new 15 ml tube, Jane has written a new blog post for DANIEL SMITH: 

Jane Blundell | Jane's Grey, DANIEL SMITH Watercolour

"As anyone who's been reading my blog would know, DANIEL SMITH Burnt Sienna and Ultramarine Blue is one of my favourite mixing pairs. This combination of two neutralising pigments make a wonderful range of beautiful hues, from warm navy blues to deep burnt umbers and a lovely range of greys.

While many people mix their own variations of this common two-pigment mix, I decided many years ago to pre-mix it and have it available in my palette as a convenience grey rather than mix it on the fly every time I needed it. This allows darker and stronger greys to be used more quickly, which saves time when painting en plein air.... " 

"Looking across at Hunter's Hill" by Jane Blundell 

"This is a house I can see from my own home but I drove to the other side of the river to draw it and the bridge in closer detail. It is actually undergoing reconstruction but I chose not to add the scaffolding - one of the joys of sketching is that you can ignore any details that you don't like the look of :-) I've used Jane's Grey to create the shadows on the building and bridge, and the reflections in the water. It was also added to the greens used in the trees - a mix of my favourites - Sap Green, Undersea Green and Perylene Green, with some earth colours added to neutralise them further."

by Kevin L.

Joseph Zbukvic creates amazing work using warm, cool and neutral greys that he used to mix on the palette. Now, these tones are available from Daniel Smith including 5 additional greys from other artists. No more guess work when mixing, it's all here in this amazing range of pigments. This review covers all the new Daniel Smith greys now available. These are amazing tonal variants to the primary tones thus adding additional mood and atmosphere to all of my work.

by Linley P.

An excellent paint, but I expected a bluer and less even, more granulating paint. I guess i should have ordered Daniel Smith Paynes grey Blue shade, but it doesn't really matter... All I have to do is mix in some Ultramarine to get the colour I want. I love Daniel Smith watercolours, although their romantic names often coax me into buying colours I don't really nedd!

by Helen E.

A lovely grey that you can use as is or mix with colours for warm or cool greys, purples. Saves me a lot of time getting the right shade for shadows. Highly recommend

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