1430 Escoda Synthetic Brush Size 20

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Used by Australia's finest watercolourist's Joseph Zbukvic & Greg Allen

White Toray

White Toray fiber is one of the softest and typically used in watercolor. The round brush combines three diameters and three different lengths, achieving a perfect tip. It has a capacity to retain a large amount of paint.
WATERCOLOR | Round pointed | Short handle

by Nicci Porter

My ability to make markes on the paper the way I wanted to improved greatly as soon as I started using this brush. It's become one of my favorites, its extremely versatile for me and I've got no complaints at all.

by Neville Clouten

An excellent brush, holds lots of water and comes to a sharp point.

by Charlotte Ingham

This is an excellent, and important, part of your watercolour 'toolkit'. It's great for those nice big washes you need to do,etc, and the quality is second to none. It's used by many top watercolour artists because it gives the very best results for this style of brush. I find it invaluable and definitely worth the price tag!

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