Arches Watercolour Pad 300gsm A4 Cold Pressed / Medium

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by Carol-Lynn B.

This is a gorgeous little watercolour pad, which is made of m y favourite paper. I would not paint on anything else. A4 is a great size for a study before making a larger work. The saying goes: work small, learn big. It's also very enjoyable to just make small paintings, but I do see this small size as an opportunity for learning big. A small sketch book, when filled, becomes a collection of ideas for larger works. The book has 12 sheets which offers the opportunity to paint 24 studies. The paper is superb because it sucks up the colour instead of allowing it to just sit on the surface of the paper, and that's why I love painting on it.

by Caroline M.

This is the first time I have used Arches paper. I should have invested in this paper long ago, as it would have prevented many a heartache

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