Final Varnish Gloss MM14 (Turps) Matisse 500ml

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by Stella Clarke

This is my favourite varnish, it always offers a reliable and top quality result, and is easy to handle when I am covering a quantity of works for exhibition. Senior Art is also impressive with speed of delivery.

by earl ingleby

I have made it a habit to apply a gloss varnish over my acrylic paintings and drawings, this is done for two reasons, to allow me to clean the surface of dust without damaging the underlying work and to give a boost to the intensity of the colours. I have in the past used spray cans of varnish which are easier to work with but this easiness is outweighed by the extra costs involved. I have found that the Matisse varnish does the job well and at a far lower cost

by Melissa McCuen

I have used other gloss varnishes which give a great finish, although, nothing compares to Matisse Final Varnish Gloss no 14 for an absolutely spectacular finish. It brings your painting to life and you can be assured of long lasting protection for your precious paintings. In my opinion, this product is the best on the market and after researching the web for the best price on this product, I now only buy it direct from Senior Art Supplies as they have the best price available and are best located for pick-up from their store.

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