Zoisite Genuine DS Awc 15ml

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You must try Zoisite to appreciate its unique colour and characteristics. Zoisite, a mineral from Austria discovered in 1804, is a lush primal green with a dark - almost black - bottle green granulating surface. With minimal paint to water, the effect is a grey-green with a micro-dotted surface. With maximum paint to water, the surface fractures to a faux leather look with a distinct three-dimensional effect. Play with the ratios and be fascinated by the amount of interest Zoisite can add to your painting.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent

Granulating: Yes

Staining: Low Staining

Transparency: Semi-transparent

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by Irene Lines

Zoisite Genuine is just another high quality Daniel Smith watercolour. In a landscape painting the natural effect that happens wet into wet technique is spontaneous and sometimes I feel I am a passenger at the end of the brush. The pigments do the work and I have found Zoisite Genuine gives colours that are constant in Australian landscape.

by paulina yue

This colour is quite dark as compared to the image but I will explore more.

by Carolyn McCully

Very nice paint to work with. The texturing is lovely, it can be used as a very pale wash or as a more robust mix, it has a lovely multihued wash, and the granulation is always fun. A lovely olive earthy green. Very pleasing.

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