Quinacridone Sienna DS Awc 15ml

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The ultimate low-staining glazing pigment, certainly finer than any Burnt Sienna. For the traditional and purist watercolour painter, Quinacridone Sienna divides yellows from reds, falling on the orange line. Its place on the colour chart makes Quinacridone Sienna a complement-free pigment, easy to modify without revealing a hidden gray.

Quinacridone Sienna works especially well in damp underpaintings overpainted with full-bodied pigments such as Indigo or Payne's Gray. The fine clear Quinacridone particles collect and retreat, giving way to compressed pools surrounded by the premixed greys. Highly durable and extremely transparent, all the Quinacridone colours excel in vivid clarity and intensity.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent - Not yet rated by ASTM - Rating based on Daniel Smith's independent testing.

Transparency: Transparent

Granulating: Yes

Staining: Low

(PO49 PR209)


by Stan W.

A brilliant colour to use in paintings of outback Oz when needing the colour of the red heart...

by Sandra Hines

a wonderful transparent colour which I will use fequently

also purchased