Transparent Pyrrol Orange DS Awc 15ml

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This clear, dark, red-leaning orange thins into perfectly smooth washes. The colour is vivid and warm, lovely used on its own, and great in mixes. Try it with granulating greens or blues to create exquisite earth colours and shadow-greys that are both textural and warm.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating:Excellent


Staining:Low Staining


(PO 71)


by Cheryl C.

LOVE this colour, it just glows on the paper , very useful for transparent layers

by Cornelia Buchen-Osmond

The colour of pomegranate flowers are very intense, but delicate with subtle shades of lighter and darker orange red. Transparent Pyrrol Orange was worth a try and gave me the subtle shade without looking "dirty" as the mixed shades I tried previously.

by jean Parker

Ifound the colours very good and the arche paper is great and they are a good price very happey with what i bought

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