Alizarin Crimson DS Awc 15ml

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A beautiful bluish-red pigment from the transparent staining family, Alizarin Crimson is listed on the basic palette of a vast majority of artists.

Intense and dark in value, Alizarin Crimson mixes cleanly with most pigments to create dark mixtures and warm neutrals. A combination of Aureolin (Cobalt Yellow) and French Ultramarine with Alizarin renders a surprising range of other colours resembling everything from Burnt Sienna and Umber to Payne's Gray, while Alizarin Crimson with French Ultramarine creates an intense purple.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Fugitive - Not yet rated by ASTM - Rating based on Daniel Smith's independent testing.

Transparency: Transparent

Granulating: No

Staining: Medium



by Catherine G.

The Daniel Smith Alizarin Crimson watercolour is a gorgeously rich versatile paint that can help make a painting 'sing' without too much effort. It's always been on of my favourites

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