Rhodonite Genuine DANIEL SMITH Awc 15ml

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Made from jewellery-quality stone, this versatile rose pink is wonderful for portraits and landscapes. Used wet into wet, it creates a soft, transparent glow, without granulation. At full value, it is more intense but still transparent, low-staining and non granulating.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent

Transparency: Semi-transparent

Staining: Low

Granulating: No

PrimaTek Colour


by Leona Fraser

very very pink I have only tried it a couple of times but am yet to be completely satisfied with it

by Carolyn McCully

Beautiful! Such a lovely clean clear colour to work with and an absolute delight to paint with. Can be watered down to the palest tint and has a lush bold glowing pink when used at full strength. A Perfect addition to anyones pallette, nice for portraiture and floral work. Love it!

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