Perylene Violet DS Awc 15ml

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A deep, luscious, grape-juicy reddish-violet. The masstone is dark and intense, shifting in tints toward a rich red violet with a brownish-purple cast. Because of its relative neutrality, it's a natural-looking choice for portrait, landscape or botanical work-imagine how good it looks with complementary greens. It also makes strong, interesting shadows.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating:??Excellent






by Jocelyne G.

Pyrelene violet great color love it specially for flower painting and deep backgrounds

by Patricia T.

A recent purchase of Perylene Violet is proving a great asset in my current landscape ... a vibrant red purple which is blending wet in wet with Diopside Green and Apatite Green Genuine (a must have!), to produce beautiful colours.

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