Verditer Blue DS Awc 15ml

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A true blue. A blue's blue. Verditer Blue is an historical pigment with a place on every palette. Begin with a dark application, a deep azure lake, and watch how this slightly granulating paint travels quickly in water. Fade to the colour of cornflowers and create surprising effects in a wash. Dilute it to the palest baby blue. Enjoy every nuance of this wonderful new semi-transparent watercolour.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent

Transparency: Semi-transparent

Staining: Low

Granulating: Yes

(PB28 PB36 PW4)


by Jocelyne G.

This is a great blue nice color for skies & making some beautiful greens recommend to all my students

by Nora Gainey

My first play with this was today. Makes for a great sky. slightly cooler than cerulean and more saturated. I haven't used it straight any place else. It also does not pastel-ize other colours it is mixed with like cerulean.

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