Amazonite Genuine DS Awc 15ml

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Daniel Smith has acquired a unique supply of the precious mineral Amazonite from Brazil. It's a strong pure colour that is completely transparent, non-staining and lifts easily for mazimum versatility. Natural Amazonite Genuine provides all the magic of the hills and forests of Brazil. This lovely teal shade of feldspar microcline, a precious mineral, was named for the Amazon River and was used in ancient times as war paint by fierce female warriors.

In addition, legends state that when you wear a piece of Amazonite you will harmonize your soul and be attuned to the spiritual dimension. Small carvings of Amazonite were tucked into a baby's bunting to sooth and pacify. A shared piece of this lovely teal mineral was believed to enhance and further unite the union of soul mates.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating:??Excellent




PrimaTek Colour


by Patricia T.

I have not yet had the chance to use this in a serious work , but have had fun playing with this delightful colour in colour mix charts which I experiment with.... I love these granulating qualities of the Daniel Smith Primateks.

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