Piemontite Genuine DANIEL SMITH W/C Stick

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Ground from a scarlet-streaked mineral from the hills of Italy, Piemontite Genuine is a rich, versatile new PrimaTek watercolour. A deep amethyst is the darkest value of this semi-transparent watercolour; adding water produces lovely violet-brown granulation with a carmine tone. Perfect for adding interest to shadows or painting the mottled surfaces of autumn leaves.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent

Transparency: Semi-transparent

Staining: Low

Granulating: Yes

PrimaTek Colour


by Corinne L.

First time I’ve used Daniel Smith watercolour in a Stick. I purchased 4 others with this one. The pigment load is the same as if from a tube or a pan, it just can be applied differently. I’m looking forward to experimenting more with these beautiful paints. The Serpentine Genuine I purchased in the stick as well, colour separates beautifully as does the Piemontite Genuine with some granulation. Love them !

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