Chroma Incredible Brush Cleaner 250ml

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The incredible Brush Cleaner is ideal for revitalising old hard paint brushes. This product is made from a special formulation which is designed to break through hardened acrylic, oil or lacquer on natural and synthetic paint brushes. A superb soap for cleaning and maintaining and preserving all brushes.

When using this product - if cleaning oil or lacquer, remove excess paint gently with a cloth. If removing acrylic, remove excess paint with water.

Use brush soap undiluted, gently working the cleaner backwards and forwards well into the bristles. Rinse well in tepid water to ensure all of the brush soap has been removed from the bristles and water runs clear. Reshape and allow brush to completely dry before using again.

by Lyndel L.

This product has given the deepest clean my brushes have ever had, and are more supple.

by Roey F.

Excellent product. I use it to clean oil and acrylic brushes, also watercolour sables which belonged to my grandmother, some of these more than 50 years old, still in immaculate condition.

by Steve W.

Name says it all. I use Alkyd oil paints I clean my brushes normally and then use a small amount as a final clean. I am always surprised that this product leeches out extra paint . Love it.

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