9x14cm Academy Baohong Watercolour Sketchbook Smooth HP 300gsm

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Baohong Acadamy is a crisp white 100% cotton gelatine sized watercolour sketch book. This watercolour book contains 24 sheets (48 pages) of watercolour paper. Matched to the requirements of watercolour painting, it is a must for all creatives who don't want to miss the texture of classic watercolour paper on the go.

The 300 gsm watercolour paper has a smooth or cold pressed grain. Due to the surface sizing, colours can be effortlessly lifted from the paper. The use of masking fluids, adhesive tapes and erasers is possible without residue.

The solid leather look cover protects the contents from moisture and dirt, the rubber band keeps everything well secured.

Acid free and extremely age resistant.


- 300 gsm

- 100% cotton watercolour paper

- 24 sheets / 48 pages

- Acid Free

- Sized

- Rubber band to hold the cover together


by Alana H.

A sweet little book with good quality watercolour paper. Seniors art are always quick to pack and deliver, and I appreciate their can-do attitude (when I called once to change an order)

by Patrick O.

I love the Baohong paper and find these books well designed & made. Good price for a good product. This size is small but ok for tight studies.

also purchased