Buff Titanium DS Awc 15ml

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Spatter or drop a brushload of Buff Titanium into a moist wash and enjoy the pigment displacement. Unique to Daniel Smith, Buff Titanium resembles the ecru shades of sand and antique lace and simulates the porous texture of an eggshell. It is a most welcome neutral, with semi-transparent to opaque non-staining properties.

Pre-mix Buff Titanium with Quinacridone Rose or Perinone Orange for subtle hues and matte surfaces ideal for the velvety petals of your favorite flowers. Mix with Indigo or Van Dyke Brown to create slate-coloured shadows and soft feathers. Glaze a dried landscape with a misty, atmospheric mood.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating:??Excellent - Not yet rated by ASTM - Rating based on Daniel Smith's independent testing.






by Valeria M.

This colour is very useful for landscapes, especially for sands or and other light colours. Good quality as always with Dabiel Smith waterclours.

by Christopher Barratt

Item a gift. Recipient loves to pigment for doing stone work

by Jill Clayton

I have only just started using Danial Smith paints and find them to be better than many other products. Their shading from light to dark amazing, their lifting qualities are excellent

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