Cobalt Blue DANIEL SMITH Awc 15ml

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This neutral, non-staining primary blue will subtly modify most pigments. Considered a "mixing pigment", its transparent nature can cast a giant reticulating shadow. An inorganic pigment, it is considered transparent, non-staining (or low-tinting) and ideal for glazing methods. Its ability to create soft edges, to lift and to mix readily makes Cobalt Blue a valuable contribution to watercolour palettes.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent

Transparency: Semi-transparent

Granulating: Yes

Staining: Low



by Jann T.

Cobalt blue is a mainstay for all watercolour work and a Daniel Smith cobalt never disappoints

by Catherine G.

I have been using Daniel Smith paints for quite some time now and really enjoy the behaviour of these paints. I like the way the Cobalt Blue responds to a wash and how it's rich intense colour mixes. The only negative in my book is that it doesn't seem to go as far as it used to; I sometimes feel the pigment isn't as thick.

by june king

Yes I always have this in my palette, very strong pigment, can be broken down with water of course.

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