French Ultramarine DANIEL SMITH Awc 15ml

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This medium-to-dark warm reddish-blue is highly lightfast and of medium tinting strength. Its sedimentary quality increases its versatility.

Mixed with various portions of other blues, French Ultramarine is a wonderful sky pigment. Modify it with Quinacridone Gold for delightful greens that remain colour-coordinated. Mix French Ultramarine with Quinacridone Burnt Orange and be rewarded with an amazing range of blue to brown greys. Mixed with either Quinacridone Rose or Pink, a range of purples result. For another important mix, see Hooker's and Sap Green.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent

Transparency: Semi-transparent

Granulating: Yes

Staining: Medium



by Catherine G.

I'm a big fan of this particular colour of the Daniel Smith watercolour paint. It is a fantastically rich pigment, seems to last well and mixes excellently. I like the granulated effect it can create and they way it moves with other colours so well.

by Pam F.

Always intense and a good mixer. Essential for watercolourists.

by Susan D.

I have heard about this colour but had to "use up" my straight Ultramarine before I could justify trying it out. I love the subtle difference in freshness and brightness, but still the wonderful characteristics of Ultramarine. Some field testing required, but so far I love this colour.

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