Phthalo Yellow Green DS Awc 15ml

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A bright, beautiful lime green with power and tinting strength characteristic of all phthalo pigments. Made from Phthalocyanine Green (yellow shade) and Arylide Yellow.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Very Good

Transparency: Semi-transparent

Granulating: No

Staining: Medium

(PY3 PG36)


by Sally-Ann D.

Seniorart offers quality watercolour paint, this lovey bright green is gorgeous lime to lemon colour that mixes really lovely with greengold for landscapes that glow giving it a modern colour that is vibrant and transparent

by Sally-Ann D.

Love this colour and have enjoyed adding it to my pallet

by Julie Linden

As someone who's favourite colour is lime green, this is a welcome edition to my palette. The hue is not glaring or unrealistic like some and melts into a light lemon yellow with almost as much delight as a gin and tonic.

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