Serpentine Genuine DS W/C Stick

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We bring you an unusually beautiful Serpentine pigment from the land down under. This Australian green-colour serpentine is of a variety called Stichtite. A soft stone used cross-culturally for carving amulets used to ward off harm, our newest PrimaTek has no comparison in any known paint palette. This surprising semi-transparent paint is a good green that develops granulating with specks of burnt scarlet-a great addition to your landscape and floral palette.

ASTM Lightfastness Rating: Excellent

Transparency: Semi-Transparent

Staining: Non-staining

Granulating: Yes

PrimaTek Colour


by Heidi S.

Just received this last week and am in love with the colour. it really is as described, granulating wonderfully and having flecks of tech reds / browns. I have only done some test swatching so far but think it will be a new palette staple for Aussie bush and trees.

by Raelene B.

Fabulous versatile and so convenient these watercolour sticks are a great investment

by Michelle M.

Really quick delivery, and I love out in the remote. This is such a beautiful colour that comes out richly and as vibrant as the tube watercolours. Great for painting mermaids.

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