Daniel Smith Primatek Set 6x5ml Tubes

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If texture is what you’re after (which I am) you’re gonna love DANIEL SMITH PrimaTek paints! PrimaTek Watercolors mix beautifully with other paints on your palette and bring excitement to the surface of a painting. They are heavier in body and settle into the valleys of your paper leaving behind wonderful granulation and texture. The pigments were carefully selected to give you a wide range of colors and textures you’ll find nowhere else. When mixed with other colors the possibilities are endless.

    The PrimaTeks:
  • Rhodonite Genuine, 5ml
  • Jadeite Genuine, 5ml
  • Amethyst Genuine, 5ml
  • Mayan Blue Genuine, 5ml
  • Hematite Genuine, 5ml
  • Piemontite Genuine, 5ml

by Karen B.

I've done my swatch and can't wait to use my Primatek Set with the Essentials Set's vibrant colours. The Primatek's will give me the textural effects I love and mixed with the clear vibrant colours of the Essentials Set should result in lots of wow!

by Lorna G.

Love the intensity of the pigments and the graininess on the paper. It add so much texture.

by Margaret M.

The colours are beautiful and the granulation is unusually strong. Getting some lovely effects for painting water and skies with these pigments.

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