Daniel Smith Essentials Set 6x5ml Tubes

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The new DANIEL SMITH Essentials Watercolor Set is just what you need to kick off the season! The new set has six 5ml transparent watercolors. The pigments were carefully selected to give you a wide range of colors and values. When mixed together the colors you can create are endless!

    The Essentials:
  • Hansa Yellow Light, 5ml
  • New Gamboge, 5ml
  • Quinacridone Rose, 5ml
  • Pyrrol Scarlet, 5ml
  • Phthalo Blue GS, 5ml
  • French Ultramarine, 5ml

by Louise C.

Daniel Smith Watercolor Essentials Set is perfect for me to use whilst learning color mixing, and is most helpful for getting started in watercolor painting.

by Marion C.

This set of 6 watercolour tubes is the perfect starter set. There are 2 blues, 2 reds and 2 yellows. From these 6 colours, you can create an incredible range of beautiful colours.

by Gillian N.

Beautiful paints, great combination for mixing and lovely to work with,

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