20x30cm Gesso Panel Belle Arti

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Gesso panels made in Italy suitable for a wide variety of techniques thanks to the high absorbancy of the surface. They are handmade and finished with a smooth surface. The 7mm thick wooden base is poplar multi-ply which is stable and lightfast.

??Made with acrylic gesso these ultra-smooth boards are very absorbent and you may wish to use extra oil in your oil paint. ??But, they may not be absorbent enough for use with egg tempera which usually needs genuine gesso (homemade with rabbit skin glue and whiting). ??If the surface isn't absorbent enough the egg tempera paint may lift off the first layer when you apply a second glaze.

by Jenny Herbert

I've had no problem shopping online with Seniors and am delighted that the deliveries arrive within 3 days. Seniors also stocks WN purple lake, which is as rare as hen's teeth in Perth and a basic for all in the art classes I attend.

by Raelene Byrnes

lovely to work with and i recommend them for many media...good fun after canvas...

by Raelene Byrnes

I completely fell in love with these boards...so beautiful to work with...

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