Chelsea Classic Linseed Oil 60ml

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Brighten Up Your Paintings The Chelsea Classical Medium, Clarified, Pale, Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil undergoes a multitude of steps and processes to achieve its professional level of purity. This linseed oil is washed and de-yellowed by traditional, natural processes that strive to make the palest, cleanest pure linseed oil for artists’ use.Cold-Pressed Linseed Oil is traditionally known as the best extracted linseed oil, as opposed to pressing extractions by heat or chemicals. This professional-quality linseed oil will not darken like traditional refined linseed oils and provides brighter and richer tones and hues when used with oil colors. Key Features: Handmade from the highest quality ingredients Dries quickly Will darken and yellow less unlike traditional linseed oils Created through reproducing the methods of the Old Masters Free from fat and mucilage No harsh chemicals used in production! Perfect For: Decreasing average drying time Use with fine oil colors Material-conscious artists Professional artists Use in final works of art Creating a strong, flexible

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