Earth – Desert to Mountains Hand Poured DS W/C Half Pan Set of 6

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Earth – Desert to Mountains Set

This hand poured watercolor half pan set has 3 unique(*) DANIEL SMITH colors plus 3 steadfast, earthy colors to take you from desert landscapes to rugged mountains, and even picturesque urban landscapes of stone, stucco, adobe and tile!

  • Buff Titanium*
  • Raw Sienna Light
  • Bronzite Genuine* (one of our PrimaTek Watercolors)
  • Venetian Red
  • Burnt Sienna Light
  • Lunar Black*

Includes 9 empty pans so you can fill them with your own Daniel Smith colours

by Valerie B.

I thought I'd try a prepacked pan set because I liked the look of the Desertbto mountain range. I was very pleased with the choice of colour combination chosen for this set as well as the creamy consistency of the paint. A small mix of paint produces a deep rich colour, but diluting allows a wide range of density washes. I'm never disappointed with DS colours. Thank you.

by Edward K.

A very interesting and appropriate set of colours. The range is vivid and yields a good image. Currently I have done two afternoon desert scenes and are very happy with the result.

by margaret p.

love these colours. paints wet easily and smooth to use. Actual box OK but a little difficult to open. Overall am very happy

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