Tony White Fearless Watercolour 11th & 12th of November 10-4pm

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Fearless Watercolours – Senior Art 11th & 12th of November 2023

Beginners to Advanced


2 Days workshop at our Malvern store 10am - 4pm: 



Fearless Watercolours – Senior Art 11th & 12th of November 2023

Beginners to Advanced

Why are you frightened? Just get stuck in. It is only paper and paint and water. Just do it!

In this workshop we will focus on bringing you out of your comfort-zone and into the world of loose, vibrant, fresh and free-flowing watercolours. Lose the rigidity that has been plaguing your work. A fresh approach means that your watercolours will come to life. Your inhibitions gone and your own artistic flair will come to the fore. 

Applying the paint with purpose, while ensuring we take care of the essentials such and composition and tone, you will leave this workshop with a new-found confidence and attitude towards this fantastic medium. 

Let’s Create, not duplicate!


Materials List  - Tony White

These are merely suggestions based on what I use personally, but feel free to just bring whatever materials you are familiar and comfortable with. 

We’ll be working from original printed references that I’ll be providing and working on Quarter-Sheet  or A3 sized paper, so please bring a board and easel to suit and  set up comfortably just as you would at home.  

Paper:   Baohong (I use Medium) Arches OR Saunders, Rough 300gsm 

Brushes:  Mops, Fans, Rounds, Hakes, Flats, Riggers.  Variety of sizes.

Colours: Brand-wise, I use Daniel Smith and Schmincke. They are fantastic quality but once again, you don’t have to go and spend up big. Anything you have already, we will work with and if you’re on a budget, Cotman student-grade paints do a great job.  



My Colour palette is as follows

Neutral Tint


Burnt Sienna

Transparent (or Cadmium) Orange

Hansa Yellow light

Hansa Yellow deep

Raw Sienna

Carmine (or Alizarin Crimson)

Scarlet Red (or just a BRIGHT red)

Ultramarine Blue

Cobalt Blue

Cerulean Blue


Carbazole Violet


Notebook or sketchbook and pencil

Water container



Hairdryer and Extension lead

Spray Bottle

Old credit card or keycard . Something to scrape with if needed. 

Masking tape or bulldog clips for your backing board (whatever your preference is)

Enthusiasm and willingness to have a great day!  (NOT negotiable)   J

Brief Bio


Tony White is a Watercolour Artist from Newcastle, Australia, however, is now residing in Hobart. He has established a great following with collectors and students alike. His work has been sold as far afield as Germany and the U.K. His social media following is gaining momentum and with over 10,000 Facebook followers, he is hitting his stride around the world. He is fast becoming a much sought-after tutor, having held many successful workshops for Art Societies all around the country and the Famous Bathurst School of Arts, as well as Brisbane Painting Classes. He is a regular contributor to Australian Artist Magazine. His style is traditional impressionistic landscape with a strong emphasis on light and atmosphere.


"I am inspired by light. Even in the most innocuous of scenes, if the light is dramatic and the mood is misty or sharp or rainy, then I'm in. I believe a painting should move you emotionally and if you have to explain it, then it isn't doing its job".

Limited to 14 /15 Participants only.

by Adrienne B.

I had an amazing 2 days at Senior Art in Malvern with Tony White. He did not hold back passing on his methods, including explanations as to why. He was fun and entertaining and quietly giving feedback as needed. He assessed each student's work and determined the level they were at and gave feedback accordingly. His step by step instructions made what first appeared as a frightening painting source not only achievable buts very rewarding. I would recommend his tutorage to aspiring watercolorists! Thanks Tony and Senior Art. (PS I bought one of Tony's paintings, but it was hard to choose!)

by Peter B.

This is the third workshop I’ve done with Tony. He is patient, instructive, always encouraging, and has caused my art to rocket from a 1 to a 6. His humour and life stories alone are worth the paltry fee alone. A truly talented man in so many ways. If you are serious about watercolour Tony is the least intimidating most talented teacher I have found. Five stars.

by Robyn C.

Fabulous workshop with Tony White. His relaxed, informative teaching style resonated with me and I thoroughly enjoyed the two days. I learned a lot of techniques to help improve my art work and was very happy with the four paintings I did. Each scene was different and had new elements to learn about watercolour painting. I have since watched some of Tony's YouTube tutorials which I have found very helpful. Many thanks to Senior Art for organising the workshop, I would recommend this to others if they want to learn a loose style of painting, as well as some watercolour techniques.

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