Moriarty Colour Wheel

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Moriarty Colour Wheel - a definitive guide

  • It's so easy

    MATCH colour by:
    • hue – position around colour wheels (top has 36 hues; lower has 18 hues)
    • purity-saturation – pure to grey (top)
    • tone-value – light to dark, pure hues with tone scale between (lower)
    • pigment – by code (lower)
    MIX colour:
    • move guide to place your colour along a pathway
    • mix hues at both ends to create it
    • many pathways will cover a colour
    • choose pigments or use colours you have – no waste
    • lighten with white & darken with complementary – use  to  pathway
    • mix pure colours within sections between Cyan, Magenta & Yellow using  to  pathway
  • CREATE your perfect colour palette:
    • choose the hue that you want to dominate
    • choose a hue to support your colour
    • move guide to place these colours on a pathway
    • use pathway colours to create colour combinations, as these share hues along that path, balancing similarity and difference
    • use colours within  to  pathway to centre of wheel, as these will also harmonise beautifully, creating coloured light
    • use complementary colours in equal proportions to create a neutral palette
    • Hues are correctly placed as complementaries (opposite) on the colour wheel and will mix black; use  to  pathway
    • Moriarty Colour Wheel is printed without adding black (K)
  • Moriarty Colour Wheel Mask Plotter Back
Primary Colours
  • Light: Red, Blue & Green (RGB)
  • Pigment: Cyan, Magenta & Yellow (CMY). Add red, green & ultramarine blue pigments plus titanium white for better colour mixing (see pigment codes)

How to use the Moriarty Colour Wheel

Watch the video below for step-by-step instructions

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