People at Work - Watercolours

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Joseph is one of the leading watercolour painters of today, with his atmospheric paintings of rural life and strong urban scenes. Here he selects a range of subjects to illustrate working life. Painting in and around Melbourne, he captures the noise and heat of a road gang at work on the street, grape pickers in a vineyard, figures working on a yacht in the dockyard and market stall holders on a busy morning. Working in his studio, he gives a practical demonstration of how to capture movement in figures including a chef at work.

by Monika Scheffler

This time round I felt that Joseph shared more of his thought processes. Demonstrated beautiful work and am looking forward to following his work.

by Kathy La Fontaine

This DVD is excellent - really inspiring. Joseph shares so much information about painting people and their working surroundings and getting it down in a simple expressive way. Thanks Joseph, I'm really grateful!

by Kathryn Murray

i really enjoyed the demonstrations and his narration while painting. I would have liked to be informed of the colours Joseph was using as he went along. Overall was really instructive.

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