Rose Madder Geniune Michael Harding 40ml

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Rose Madder (No. 515)



Colour Index NR 9 (Natural Red)
Drying Speed Slow
Opacity Covering Transparent
Tint Power Average
Lightfastness Untested
Oil Content Linseed Oil, High
Toxic No
Conforms To ASTM D-4236


Rose Madder is so incredibly beautiful, a wonderful gift from nature.

It is a traditional Lake pigment, extracted from the common madder plant Rubia Tinctorum. The plant was grown in Asia and Egypt for the purpose of dyeing as early as 1500 BC. The Egyptians are credited with developing several techniques to produce a Lake pigment.

The best pigment they produced came from plants 18 to 28 months old that had been grown in soil rich with lime and chalk. During the 17th century British army red coats were made with a shade of madder!

Please note before some of you email me to tell me that I am mad to put such a terribly fugitive colour in the range let me say in its defense its included for its historic and colour beauty and is simply here to let artists get closer to the pallets of earlier times.

Unless you display it in direct sunshine it will last for years with little change. When was the last time you saw a Rembrandt being tested in sunlight, which is the criteria for modern pigments! A favoured colour of the Old Masters.

by Mia O.

Amazing quality paints! The difference with Michael Harding paints to others, are clear when you use them. They go much further than other paints and you don’t need to add any mediums to work with them as they are so buttery and beautiful. As for the Rose Madder Original, it is the perfect skin tone complement to mix in with other semi and transparent (gentle) hues such as Lead Tin yellow Light or Lead Tin Lemon , perhaps a touch of Cobalt Violet Dark or Cerulean to make a harmonious, natural looking skin tone. Note of caution, these original hues are very gentle, so if you add a synthetic to the mix you have to very sparse with it or it will drown out the translucent effect (and most of the tint) of the other hue. As a mainly portrait artist, I love these hues. :D

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