New Wave Grey Disposable 11"x16" Hand Held

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Grey Pad

Grey Pad (Hand Held Model & Rectangular Model)
Enhance your color and value gauging with the ergonomic Hand Held or Rectangular New Wave Grey Pad Disposable Paper Palette Pads. When you're finished with painting, simply pull the paper from the pad and throw it away. Clean-up is so easy! This disposable paper palette contains 50 neutral grey sheets of extremely durable paper stock, which are coated to make certain the sheets beneath stay dry. In addition, the pad is glued on 3 edges, ensuring that your pages stay fastened while you mix paint, and guaranteeing that your pages don't blow in the wind when painting outdoors.

The Handheld New Wave Grey Disposable Paper Palette Pad provides you with a patent pending ergonomic design that evenly distributes the weight among your hand, arm, and torso for complete comfort if held. And when you're done painting, simply toss the top sheet and you're ready for the next painting!

Both palettes are 11 x 16 inches / 28cm x 40cm for easy storage and transportation, and made in the USA.

by Tina D.

Really enjoy using this palette it's very light and easy to hold but I also use just on the table in the studio as well. I like the grey colour also for colour mixng. I actually use multiple times just wipe off between sessions.

by Jo M.

This is a great palette, it is very easy to hold and stops my hand from becoming sore when spending hours painting at the easel.

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