Quinacridone Deep Gold DS Awc 5ml

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Quinacridones are the brightest, boldest colours modern technology can offer. Carefully selected pigments, ground to optimise their specific qualities, are blended with the finest imported Gum Arabic, put in tubes and labelled by hand.

Transparency and intensity are the hallmarks of our renowned Quinacridone colours. Quinacridone Deep Gold is more orange than Quinacridone Gold, and more yellow than Quinacridone Burnt Orange. It's an incredibly ruddy golden-orange, a vibrant and exciting alternative to Burnt Sienna.

Lightfastness: Excellent

Staining: Low

Granulating: No

Transparency: Transparent

(PO48 PY150)


by Jocelyne G.

Love the vibrancy & stays strong in end resultsr, have recommended to all my students great color

by Sherry W.

My first time using DS quin gold deep ... surprised by the uniqueness of colour and as with most DS paints there is such wonderful ease of flow and such beauty in one single colour. It reminds me also of some of the intense golden reddish glowing colours one experiences in certain areas of Australian outback, which are so hard to evoke in paint form.

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