Lead Tin Lemon Michael Harding 40ml

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Lead Tin Yellow Lemon (No. 514)


Colour Index Type 1, Lead Stannate
Drying Speed Fast
Lightfastness Excellent
Tint Power Opaque / Average Covering Power
Oil Content Linseed Oil, Low
Toxic Yes
Conforms To ASTM D-4236


Lead Tin Yellow Lemon is a very vivid “sulphury” shade of yellow.

Like its lighter version its indispensable to some who mix flesh tones which can be achieved with the unlikely choice of brilliant pink thus making such a challenge much easier.


by Mia O.

Amazing quality paints! The difference with Michael Harding paints to others, are clear when you use them. They go much further than other paints and you don’t need to add any mediums to work with them as they are so buttery and beautiful. As for Lead Tin Lemon, it is the perfect skin tone complement to mix in with other semi and transparent (gentle) hues such as Rose Madder , perhaps a touch of Cobalt Violet Dark or Cerulean to make a harmonious, natural looking skin tone. Note of caution, these original hues are very gentle, so if you add a synthetic to the mix you have to be very sparse with it or it will drown out the translucent effect (and most of the tint) of the other hue. As a mainly portrait artist, I love these hues. :D

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